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Runner’s Individual Development Assessment

This is an initial assessment that I always carry out prior to engaging in any coaching with any athletes: beginner to event.

The runner’s individual development assessment will focus on your style, running economy, speed and endurance. These assessments are based around understanding where each individual is at based on their performance and the outcome of the assessment will result in a set of targets or a training programme being planned for you. These will be given to you depending on what your goals are whether that’s to run your first mile or 5k or whether that’s to get out and run your first half, marathon or ultra marathon; I can cater to all abilities and this assessment enables me to better understand you.

Individual Running Coaching

These are all one-to-one sessions with me where we will be working on the targets and the programmes that were given to you following your Runner’s ID Assessment.

Generally speaking, these sessions will be focusing on strength, stability, flexibility, speed and endurance which will all work toward making you a stronger runner for longer and to help you toward achieving your running goals.

The focus of these sessions will come from a variety of drills and exercises aiming to improve your core strength and stability as well as your physical and mental strength, all of which are requirements to help any runner get to where they want to be; the finish line! The strength work will also help to improve your flexibility through a mix of static and dynamic stretching while the speed and endurance work will come from S.M.A.R.T. sessions which are Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Targets set by both myself and the athlete.

Additional coaching is available for the aspiring fell runner. Having completed my England Athletics fell running qualification I am able to coach basic fell running technique and offer experiences in hill training and the basics needed to get you going on the fells. These sessions will all take place off road and appropriate kit will be required.

Group Coaching

A service that is quite unique in the coaching world is group coaching for running groups, running clubs or informal, one off or occasional group events. Group coaching can focus more generically on Individual Development within the group, for example, safe winter running or track sessions which will look at your running form, speed sessions and running drills in a safe, group environment.

Group coaching can be offered in public spaces such as parks, enabling advice and guidance on pace, training in pairs with shared goals or simply running for leisure and fitness, with a shared goal of increasing distance and becoming an all-round, more improved runner.

online Running Coaching

A service that offers online advice and support based around your training goals and needs. Not strictly all online as with this service, you will get access to a private conversation with me about your targets and progress, full email support and individual development progress catch ups via phone at an arranged time and date.

This is no different to the other services I offer and enables those who don’t have the time or aren’t based near me to benefit from the services that I provide. For more information, please get in touch.

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