In case you were wondering about the legitimacy of my coaching, here’s some testimonials of athletes I’ve coached and am currently still coaching.


I became a runner in my mid-thirties, when I joined a local club to help get fit again after giving up football. In the years since then, I’ve often sought out advice from fellow athletes and the internet to help me develop training plans around my goals, with a few successes along the way. However, soon after joining Red Rose Road Runners in late 2015, I started working with my first “proper” coach and I must say it’s been great!

Initially, Pita and I discussed my targets (for 2016) and what time and effort I’d be willing and able to put into my training. From there, she identified a series of core, regular training sessions that I’d need to complete to reach my goals – all of which could be modified or added to, depending on my condition and performance levels as time progressed. Pita was always available for advice and sought feedback on how each training session or set of workouts went, to enable her to review and potentially suggest modifications to my schedule. I followed the plan religiously and the improvements duly came, a little quicker than expected to be honest! I set a few lifetime bests and also became the club’s MV40 Champion for 2016 – things I simply would not have achieved on my own.

In my opinion, being able to work one-to- one with a coach and to bounce ideas between you is far better than reading a book or browsing a webpage. Knowing that someone else shares your goals, wants to help you get there and thinks that you can, is a real confidence boost – and it helps you unlock potential that you might not know you have. I’d thoroughly recommend Pita as a coach to anyone, whether they’re just starting out or if they’re a seasoned veteran. Pita can certainly help you improve and you’ll be amazed at what you can do as a team.

Mark Willett

Pita is an amazing person and an excellent coach. She is such a lovely friendly person and I feel blessed to have met her and have her as my coach. She is very caring and thrives on helping others to be the best that they can be and has inspired me to believe in myself and set myself targets that I never thought would be possible.

Pita is a fantastic communicator and takes the time out to listen to me and adapt my training plan to my specific needs. The advice and knowledge that Pita has given me has helped me grow massively as an athlete. I have overcome my fears and weak points, which I never would have done without Pita and her superb coaching. To add to this, Pita has made a massive impact on my life, which has not only helped me become a better runner but I also feel I am a much better person for it. My whole life and perspective on things has changed. I now have a bigger passion and love for running, whilst making a new friend along the way.

Carla Davies

Since meeting Pita in 2014 she has been nothing short of encouraging towards myself. As a new starter to running she encouraged me to come down to parkrun to see how I got on. My first attempt I finished in a time of 23:12 and struggled to finish the course without walking. In the space of just over 12 months due to Pita’s encouragement and advice I managed to get my time down to 18:26, an improvement of just under 5 minutes.

Since meeting Pita I have now completed 4 marathons, the fastest being 2:55:12, and I am the fittest I have ever been. She has managed me perfectly, not just on a running level but on a personal level as well. Her taking the time to assess my working/personal life has had a massive impact on my running. I’m excited for 2017 as I know for a fact we will improve together and she will get the best out of me both on and off the road. She has genuinely changed my life for the better and has directed me on the right path in life, I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. I look forward to a great future with her guiding me along the way toward achieving my goals and targets.

Karl Hodgson